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Almost Ready!

Almost Ready!

by M Bishop -
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Welcome to Collaborative Paradigms, taking the better part of a year to get up and running this website is powered by the Moodle 3.8 LMS platform, LMS meaning "Learning Management System", designed by teachers for teachers this website is intended to act as a service that any community can contribute too hence the name "Collaborative Paradigms". I always found myself working with or for educational or personal development focused communities filled with professionals, experienced members, and experts that wanted to provide other interested members the opportunity to connect with them and provide lessons or instructionals that they could use to pass down their experience and knowledge of various fields and activities. 

That worked out really well but finding the time where both mentor and mentee could engage with one another and provide training with the same content as other one on one sessions was really difficult, due to different time zones, agendas, and even opposing learning styles. All of these conflicts came together to make a seemingly simple task and objective much more difficult than initially conceived. 

Collaborative Paradigms:

I started collaborative paradigms to create a universal and highly accessible solution to the problems I mentioned above for all of the developmental and educational communities I was part of but also for those that I find or am introduced to via existing community partnerships, friends, and word of mouth. Any of the courses created by the various communities will be sourced here, together, adding to what I hope will become a full fledged multi-community university with all sorts of access to professionals, courses, experiences, and services but for now we will have to build towards that goal one user created course at a time!         

Best Use and Examples:

Our courses don't have to be limited to developmental or skill focused learning, this can be a tool to create instructional courses for your community specific processes like applying or joining certain groups, administrator training, moderator training, how to join various communities. It can be so much more than just skill development, community conduct, administrative actions, all of these have a place here.